A Chapter a Day and The Writer’s Bag

A Chapter a Day and The Writer’s Bag

Where Stolentime revisions go.
Where Stolentime revisions go.

So in spite of the ache I have carried with me all day, I managed to get things done. To your left is my fancy smancy notebook for Stolentime revisions. I re-did the revised chapter one notes for the third time because a headcanon from Tumblr of my favorite little Kuroshitsuji II character, Alois Trancy, inspired me to introduce the darkness of my novel upfront. It’ll probably be a few weeks before I actually get to revisions but the chapter one notes are part of a brand new chapter one. My current chapter one will be chapter two, which is very common for me. I was also able to finish the chapter I started yesterday because a random burst of inspiration hit me for how I wanted to tie the ending of the chapter and it was something I couldn’t resist.

Notes for 'Sister Evelyn'
Notes for ‘Sister Evelyn’

I also started doing notes for an installation piece that I am going to do to introduce the world you will find in When Stars Die. Sister Evelyn is a character I came up with on the fly, but she will show the stresses of being a witch and vying for a position as a professed nun at Cathedral Reims. I told you I don’t like to speak about my book in plain terms, and I hope you will enjoy the installation piece I might put up next week contingent on time. By the way, that accordion folder to the right isn’t just stuffed with notes for Sister Evelyn. Part one only takes up three pieces of paper. The rest are blank pages and two short stories I hope to have included with When Stars Die. It goes in my Writer’s Bag, as does the above notebook.

I also managed to gather more reviewers. I am sitting at 39 right now and would like more, so let me know if you’re interested in reviewing a paranormal romance. You will receive a free ARC in exchange for doing a review or a quote. Tomorrow I will probably only put up one blog post so I can work on the next chapter in Stolentime as my job cuts in the middle of the day, which is oftentimes convenient especially because there will be no time when I’m alone, so I can’t do any mult-tasking at work tomorrow. Also, don’t forget about the book giveaway for Frank Beddor’s The Looking Glass Wars! That will go until Saturday 9 PM.

Last, I would appreciate if you could like my Facebook page, and you can find that to the right. Share it too, if possible. I want to start utilizing it more instead of just having it sit there.

My Writer's Bag
My Writer’s Bag

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