2 thoughts on “Panic Attacks. Book Publicity. Oh Joy!

  1. I admire your courage in dealing with your panic attacks. It is really a challenge but like all else, if you will do your best, you will overcome the challenges and obstacles. Also writing is a very good way of expressing oneself and it relieves panic attacks and anxiety.

  2. Panic attacks are not fun. I’m so sorry. The first one I had sent me to the emergency room because I didn’t know what was going on. I’ve had to go a couple of times since. I wish I could say it gets better but honestly it doesn’t, some attacks are milder than others but the worst ones make it hard to ignore that impending doom feeling and I end up with a hospital bill.

    There are some coping techniques that work for me. For instance I try to keep stress to a minimum. Sometimes it isn’t easy but that is the only way to control the quantity and intensity of attacks. So taking a you day if you’re not able to cope is necessary like in the situation you mention above. Prioritize. Make notes. Look for things that make you laugh or smile. Do whatever will help you not to stress.

    Good luck. I wish you the best.

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