Self-Editing Booklet: Desires Various Writers’ Input

Self-Editing Booklet: Desires Various Writers’ Input


I am putting out a call for writer input on a self-editing booklet I am currently outlining. This book will be published on my website and will serve as a guide for helping writers become effective self-content editors–as in, being able to structurally edit the book oneself without requiring major input from a third party.

Content, in my opinion, is the hardest to edit because it can require whole re-writes. Once the content is edited, however, all that is left are line edits and proofreading. But content can require a complete tear down of a book, and it can be disconcerting as a writer to either have a strong beta reader or editor tear your book apart, only for you to realize you have to start at square one. This is what happened to me with When Stars Rise (the sequel to When Stars Die). I had to completely re-work the book because it wasn’t working as it was, and I realized I didn’t want to have that happen for future books, so I learned from my freelance editor how to effectively self-edit content so that my book doesn’t have to be completely put through a shredder. There is no guarantee future books of mine won’t be, but having the tools I learned from her has made me a much stronger writer, and so I’d like to help you all become stronger writers by creating this booklet.

All I want from you guys is advice for how you edit, like how you approach revisions for chapter ones, the first five chapters, the middle that can often get muddled, creating an effective ending, all while maintaining strong writing. My booklet is going to be divided into these planned parts: what to include in outline revisions/ notes, how to approach chapter one, the first five chapters, battling that muggy middle, creating a sharp ending, and tackling plot holes. More may come depending on what you guys send me.

I don’t want this booklet to be just about my experience but about all of your experiences as well because everyone will have to do things differently and so I’d like differing viewpoints.

So e-mail me your experiences with revisions and how you get your book in shape to work how you want it to work. If you’ve had freelance editors in the past, you can include what they’ve taught you. I’m not requiring anything specific: just whatever advice you want to send me for how you tackle revisions.

All of this will be put together in a booklet, and of course when I quote you or even dedicate a page or something to you, you will be credited as an author of the booklet.

Send whatever you can come up with to Also, send any questions if you are confused.

5 thoughts on “Self-Editing Booklet: Desires Various Writers’ Input

  1. Very interesting! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this. If I’ve time, I might send you some bullet points on chapter transitions and, if you like it, I can always expand on it to give you some proper coverage on the subject.

    I think it’s a section in editing that a lot of people overlook. Often, it happens naturally. But when it doesn’t, you can be in some real tough situations. And it’s also an extremely easy point to fall down and shoot your novel in the foot. 😛

      1. You flatter me and my amateur skills. 😛 It’s currently 3am so I’ll whip up an email in the morning and send it your way. 🙂

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