Happy News Saturday

Happy News Saturday

Gothic Girl in Blue Corset

I’ve decided Saturday is going to be a surprise article so that way I, and you, Stars, can have a surprise from me at least once a week. It’ll be anything goes. Thus, today I have some good news to reveal. I have two poems being published in an online e-zine called Sleeve. The platform being used is Tumblr. One poem is titled, “Girls Must Be Dolls,” and another is titled, “Curse.” Both will be in the poetry chapbook I spoke of in a previous post. They will include gorgeous art with them from Creative Commons, edited by me using iPiccy.

I was approached by its founder, by the way. No details beyond that. 😉

As for the poetry chapbook, I’ve decided I’m going to start with fictional diary entries, just to make it different, so it’ll be mixed media, basically. Thus, I’m not sure if it could be deemed a chapbook so much as an anthology or collection, I suppose. Needless to say, this puts me back in the publishing game. When Stars Die is still with Zara Moore Kramer, Pandamoon’s founder/publisher, so I’m hoping good things with that since I was able to skip an entire process at her behest, but we can’t skyrocket hopes, lest we end up in utter despair. I’m trying to remain realistic, but it’s hard not to be hopeful, too. I guess you can say I’m in a thick fog, but I can see through it, right now. That’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling about my novel being in their hands while I wait. I know they will treat it well. Hopefully I’ll hear back this coming week.

Speaking of this week, I’m starting back work, though no more than 15 hours since that vitamin b12 shot has made me feel much, much better. If work goes well, I can slowly build up back to my 30 hours a week. God knows I need the money, or else I’ll either have to pay per class for the ballet summer intensive, or just take the second part of it. I cannot go an entire summer without ballet. That is pure madness.

Also, I usually don’t ask this of anyone, but re-blogs would be much appreciated to spread the word. Thank you!

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