Journey Through the Journals

Journey Through the Journals

Lately I have begunĀ a thing where, once I get a story idea, I go out and buy a journal specific to that idea to start outlining in. I have one for When Heaven Was Blue, When Stars Rise, a new novel idea I came up with, and another for short story ideas or promotional stuff for When Stars Die. I had one for WSD, but my cat threw up on it, and so it was rendered completely useless. I then got another one for WSD, but I frankly have no clue what happened to that one. Needless to say, I have decided to make sure I keep them all from now on. Here they are:


picture065This one is for the newest WIP that I am mostly just going to outline for now.











picture066This one is for When Stars Rise. I had hoped to be able to fit the outline of the third book, When Stars Collide, in it, but WSC will need its own notebook.










This one is for misc. writing things, like short stories, promotional things, future novel ideas, ect…






This one is for When Heaven Was Blue, which is currently on hiatus while an editor looks over the first 1/3rd of it.








So those are my journals. Where do you guys store your outlines?