Thanksgiving Thursday: Finding Balance

Thanksgiving Thursday: Finding Balance


As I reflect on all of what I’ve accomplished this past year, and that I am thankful for how far I’ve come, I’ve begun to realize that the biggest struggle I have is now trying to find balance in my life. Between building my platform as a fitness professional and trying to maintain one as an author, it’s a never-ending battle of what I must ultimately prioritize. And for now, I have to prioritize my platform as a fitness professional since this will be my primary source of income.

Even though this is true, this doesn’t mean my job as an author is any less important to me. In fact, it’s even more important now that my book is finally out, which  means readers are depending on me even more to get the next two out. I do plan to submit the second book some time next month to my publisher, and I hope to start the third book some time next year. I also plan to make my 2016 New Year’s Resolution about trying to find balance between both of my platforms. Just because being a fitness professional must be my priority doesn’t mean I want my author platform to suffer as a result.

What exactly is it that I have to balance? Why is this so much more different than my job in marketing? Well, for one thing, I’m passionate about my status as a certified personal trainer. Not so much with my status as a marketing trainee. Social media is also an invaluable tool for fitness professionals because it’s how we can draw in more clients to fill our schedules. It’s also how we can make a name for ourselves and open up other sources of revenue, such as creating workout plans for people who live hundreds of miles from us. It’s how we can connect with current clients we have, to develop a strong, personal relationship with them outside of the gym.

Since I’m also open to the idea of training clients outside of the gym, I have to prioritize what I spend my money on. For example, I recently purchased a pair of calipers so that way I can have my own set. I also plan to buy business cards and a blood pressure cuff. However, I do know for a fact that I’m currently holding on to my money so that way I can buy some newsletter space for when When Stars Die is released everywhere else besides lulu and the paperback on Amazon. Even with a publisher it never hurts to seek out your own source of advertising so that way you can hit channels your publisher may not be hitting.

I also obviously have to maintain my presence on social media as both fitness professional and author. I primarily look to my blog as my main form of social media for my fitness platform since I’m already juggling plenty for my author. But I haven’t been able to update my Tumblr in some time because I have been putting all of my blogging efforts into my WordPress blog for both of my platforms. And it takes special planning for my fitness blog since a lot of these posts require specialized knowledge that sometimes takes me hitting the internet for research.

It’s also hard finding balance because I still am working in marketing and trying to earn my BA in English. Both of these things currently have to take priority over being a fitness professional and an author! I won’t be able to seek out a job in the field of fitness until after Christmas.

Until then, I’ll have to take it a day at a time.


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