Inspirational Music Wednesday

Inspirational Music Wednesday

Hello, Stars! It’s another post with music that has inspired my writing. I would also love it in the comments if you could tell me what music has inspired you. For me, music is such an integral part of my writing, and I think this holds true for a lot of writers out there. If not, then my suggestion is you start to listen to music in genres that you enjoy. You’d be surprised how inspirational music can be for your writing. Let’s begin!

Stars Align by Lindsey Stirling

I really love this, not just for the music, the music video, and the incredible dancing, but also because it inspired the title for the third book in The Stars Trilogy. The title for the third book will be All Stars Align. It’s not just the title either that makes this piece so special to me. It’s the theme of the third book this piece has helped me with. When I finished The Stars Are Infinite, I put my characters in an incredibly difficult situation that I had no clue how I was going to get them out of. Because of this piece and another, I received my answers, so now I have an exciting direction to take the third book.

Gothic Lolita by Emilie Autumn

I think this is the third post this wonderful woman has been in. It’s so sad to say this, but I relate to this song stronger than ever now. This piece right here has inspired the majority of the poems in my tentatively titled chapbook, Pretty Girl, Unravel Me. A lot of the poems in my chapbook are based off personal experiences, like sexual abuse, self-harm, suicide, mental illness, emotional abuse, and so on and so forth. I would do anything to see her live and to meet her and talk to her over a cup of tea (I am a total tea snob!).

When I first listened to her, I listened–or at least tried–to a piece named “Opheliac.” At first, I didn’t like her style of music, but I decided to give it a second chance because I was in desperate need of something new to listen to. I listened to “Opheliac” again, and that’s when I fell in love with her. She is my number one favorite artist. I am so grateful I gave her another chance.

Imaginary by Evanescence

I can’t quite remember in what way this piece has inspired me. All I know is that it was an integral part of When Stars Die’s sequel, The Stars Are Infinite. Originally the sequel was supposed to be the first book, and it was titled Witch Tourniquet back then. Perhaps this piece helped me create Alice, who wished, and still wishes, for a life beyond the nightmare she’s currently living. I wish I could delve into the thoughts of fourteen-year-old me, but this was ten years ago when I first listened to this, and ten years ago when I fell in love with Evanescence. To this day I’m still watching out for new music from Amy Lee, who is now a solo artist. I can’t wait to see what she creates now that she is free to do what she wishes with her music.