Interview of Govin and Tayla from A Rogue’s Tale

Interview of Govin and Tayla from A Rogue’s Tale

Today’s gest blogger is Saoirse O’Mara! This is a character interview. Enjoy!


Govin, Tayla, how did you two meet?


Govin: Well, our first meeting was when she tried to pickpocket me.


Tayla [blushing]: Yeah, you know, I was hungry….


Wow, that’s an interesting first meeting. But you still became friends after that, right?


Govin: Yes, you see, we helped each other and solved the theft together. Not everyone in our situations would have acted that way, but we did and were rewarded with a new friendship.


Tayla: Govin was…different from other guards. And he still is; he really cares for the people.


So…tell us something about your plans for the future.


Govin: My final evaluation is soon. If I pass, I will finally be a full guard member, so it is very important for my future career. After that, I don’t yet know.


Tayla: I’m working and hoping that it’ll stay that way. Living in the streets is rough and I’m really grateful for the chance I was given. I have something like a home again.


What is your favourite spot in Davon?


Govin and Tayla at the same time: Above the harbour!


Tayla: It’s my favourite spot, and has been since I first found it years ago. I showed it to Govin shortly after we had met.


Govin: It is a great spot for watching the harbour, nestled between some houses.


You met the High Mage, didn’t you? What’s he like?


Tayla: He actually seems nice, not at all like his brother. I’m glad that he’s High Mage, not Misan the Cruel.


Misan the Cruel?


Govin: That is her nickname for High Mage Tilan’s brother, Misan Dagovan.


Ah, I see. Okay, one more question. Are you two really just friends?


Govin [frowning]: What else?


Tayla [rolling her eyes]: You heard him. Yes, we’re just friends.


Thank you for this interview, and good luck with your final evaluation, Govin.


Saoirse O’Mara, the creator of the YA fantasy/mystery series A Rogue’s Tale featuring Govin and Tayla, lives in Germany with her husband. She loves RPGs, reading (mostly fantasy and good British crime), music, and languages, and writes children’s and YA books and an occasional short story or poem. You can find out more about her here:


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