Promotional Opportunities for Your Novel

Promotional Opportunities for Your Novel

I have been thinking about how I’d like to increase sales for When Stars Die, and this has to do with seeking out every promotional opportunity I can. I’m also a firm believer in that in order to make money, you need to spend some money. Even so, there are a variety of promotional opportunities available. You just need to be willing to put in the time to both seek them out and work hard at some of your own promotional strategies.

  1. Social Media. This one should be obvious, but social media is one way in which you can promote your work. For example, you can post a tiny excerpt on Twitter each day with a link to your work. You can connect with other authors and host a party on Facebook where each author takes a turn at hosting the party in order to promote his/her novel, along with other authors’ books, which can be used as prizes. I would also argue keeping a blog is vital, especially due to the SEO that can bring people from around the world to your blog.
  2. Newsletters. Having your own newsletter is essential. I do monthly newsletters, and I always have my book in the sidebar of it. The way to attract subscribers is by having links to it on all of your social media. Also giving potential subscribers an incentive to subscribe works, like doing a book giveaway. You can also pay to have your book included in a newsletter, like BookBrag, The Fussy Librarian, and others like it. This is what I do as well.
  3. Cover Reveals. When you get the cover for your book, you can schedule your own cover reveal and contact book bloggers to help out. You can also contact other writers as well and offer their books as giveaway prizes. You can even find a company to pay to help you set up a cover reveal–or a book blast or release party or something similar.
  4. Street Team. A street team is a great way to have free promotion. I have a small street team composed of author friends. We promote each others’ blog posts and books. I wish I could offer further advice on how to assemble one, but I have my street team simply because they were on the staff of my literary magazine. But offering incentives, like review copies of your book, may help to build a street team from people who enjoyed your work.
  5. Goodreads Giveaways. If you have print copies of your book, giving away a copy on Goodreads is one way to gain exposure for your novel, particularly if your book has a very attractive cover. I can gain a little over 2,000 entries for my novel from holding a month-long giveaway.
  6. Ads. I’ve done a Goodreads ad, and my book received over 30,000 views from that one alone. Ads, however, can be tricky, as you need a stellar cover and a short, perfect blurb to quickly catch people’s attention so that they click on your ad. You can use Google as well or even Facebook ads.




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*Picture from Jason Howle’s “Instagram and other Social Media Apps.”