The Madness of…Authors’ Checklists!

The Madness of…Authors’ Checklists!

It’s only a matter of time.

My contract manager sent lists of things to me last night that I am to start working on in order to make this book successful. It is a lot, and I have three different lists to go through. I plan to get some of it done today because, unfortunately, I can’t get all of it done due to the nature of what is being asked.

First there is my Beginning Author’s Checklist. This is a basic list asking me for long and short book descriptions, dedications, early reviewers, and who I think might buy it. Doesn’t sound time consuming, but, oh, I know it will be. The synopsis itself took hours, so imagine the long book description, which isn’t a synopsis, but still, that isn’t the point. I luckily already have a good short book description. As for the reviewers, I have people in mind as well as potential customers. This small list alone could take me hours, but this is what I want, and it is completely worth it for me.

Then there is my Book Information. This one asks for all things book-related: setting, conflict, point-of-view, other works, marketing, ect. I MAY start with this list first since I know it can be completed today. It shouldn’t be as time-consuming as the first list, but still, it will take some time to get done. I’m just glad I’m not in class this semester. Then again, the semester is almost over. Still, exams…*shudders*

Then, last, there is my Author Information, which is basically about me and my book. What made me start writing this book, challenges I have faced, what I hope people will get from the book, hobbies, interests, future products, ect. I think I’ll actually do this one first. This one sounds more fun because, hey, it doesn’t require intense thinking on my part.

Other things that I have to get done too are getting a headshot of me, which I can do myself since I have the equipment–I just don’t have a wireless clicker, but my fiancĂ© will suffice. I also hope the new book cover I have will be approved. Once it is, it will be the first thing I reveal to you guys. I also still have social media I’ve got to get done today. After all, I’ll probably start doing giveaways Thursday because I’m very close to 200 followers. And I want to try and write in Stolentime if there is time to do it.

So I’m in for a busy day and week.