Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

Today’s guest post is by Kath Unsworth! Her website can be found at the bottom.

We all have dreams. How do we make them real?


For many years I daydreamed about writing stories. I took an online novel writing class and read every book I could find on the craft of writing.
I began writing a novel with no real idea of what would be a long, drawn out learning experience. This was many years ago. I then put that half story away and started a new idea. To say that I have about four stories in different stages of completion would be an understatement.

I have enjoyed the journey and its many lessons thus far. Through my ignorance, it is safe to say I am still learning and still writing. I might not have attempted this passion if I knew back then the nature of a writer and all that is involved.

Yet I realized something: I could never go a day without writing. It has changed my world, my thoughts on who I want to write for, and it has enriched my life.


I guess there comes a turning point that you must accept you are a writer. I must write no matter what. Accepting that is not easy. the work is challenging and a lonely obsession at times.

I wrote a manifesto about being fabulously flawed as a writer (download it free on my site), and it helped me see through the haze of self-doubt, fear of rejection, and the strange looks of doubt people throw your way when you tell them you are writing novels.

My full evolution as a writer only took place recently. After discovering this brilliant community in the blogging world, my hopes and dreams turned into actual goals, solid as a mountain. Imagine if I worked hard enough I could produce something that someone out there may wish to read.


Things became even clearer when I joined the Jeff Goins Tribe/writers community. I have not looked back. At the start of the year I was struggling to finish my tween novel. I took a step sideways and realized that everyone loved my picture book ideas. The feed back was astounding.

My goals are now heading in a new direction. I am hard at work on Sugar, my picture book. Being a graphic artist and illustrator has assisted me in designing, writing, and now illustrating this book about a calf who is a little different. I have no doubt that I will finish it. Besides having my cheerleading squad at home, I now enjoy the support of my blogging community to use as my test crash dummies (not so dumb, mostly brilliant) for my story ideas. Not forgetting the vast and talented members of the tribe/writers who keep me focused and grounded to my writing chair. (Sadly, my kitchen table).

I know it’s a slow process, but I am not in a race, and if I keep going I will eventually get there. My other novels will also see the light of day.

pic 4 Sugar.jpg

If you have a dream, make it your reality by simply taking the first step and JUST start. You learn through the process by doing.

I would like to thank Amber for giving me this opportunity in sharing her writing space and hope you enjoyed my rant today. You can find me over at

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