When Stars Die Promo Feature Party Hosted by Lady Amber

When Stars Die Promo Feature Party Hosted by Lady Amber

WhenStarsDie-3-1Hello, everyone! Lady Amber is hosting a promo release party for me tomorrow on Facebook from 6 to 9 PM EST. Click here to join. This is a 3 hour release party.

Here is the agenda for this promo release party:

  • Once every hour I will ask a question for your chance to win an e-ARC of When Stars Die, if you don’t happen to have an e-ARC already. If you do, Lady Amber will also be releasing other non-WSD prizes.
  • I am also going to give away 3 signed, print copies of WSD, so the requirements to win these are going to be a bit more difficult. 
  • I also plan to add review quotes for the book.
  • I will also add fun book quotes.
  • I encourage you all to ask questions, as I really want to interact with you and add you as a friend on Facebook for a release party I will do for the e-book–or hosted by another PR agency. 
  • I also encourage you to enter the Goodreads release giveaway for one print copy of WSD. The contest isn’t up yet, but will be released tomorrow. 
  • There will be other release giveaways.
  • I will give out my thanks to people who have helped me along the way.
  • I will talk about the WSD characters and the direction the sequel is headed.
  • I will talk about other planned books, as well as speak about the anthology my publisher is doing. You can buy it on Amazon, or download it for free. I ENCOURAGE you to buy it on Amazon, as all proceeds go toward marketing funds for AEC Stellar. 
  • I will also add a link to Goodreads lists, and you can vote on my book on any pertinent lists that you think might help with its exposure.
  • I will also create a sort of press release (and this will be to earn a print, signed copy) that I want you to share across all marketing platforms. So, obviously, whoever shares the most will win the book. And if there are several people who have shared the same amount, the first one will receive the copy. 

So there is the agenda for tomorrow’s release party!

***In Other News***

Here are all the blogs that will be featuring my book blitz. This is my way of thanking them for participating. It is done by Juniper Grove Book Solutions. I will also be having a massive book blitz/book tour/hopeful promo release party for the e-book version because e-book versions usually sell much better than print versions by a long shot. I really see my first book as a promotional tool, so any exposure I receive is good exposure.