Don’t Support FCKH8

Don’t Support FCKH8

I was a little bit leery about FCKH8, especially when someone in the asexuality tag on Tumblr mentioned that FCKH8 said some pretty disparaging things about asexuals, so I never liked their page on Facebook. Apparently FCKH8’s FB page is under new administration, and because of pressure from the asexual and pansexual community, they have decided to change their tune with how they treat these two sexualities. However, it still does not excuse what was said, because this brought about some very damaging comments that just prove the oppression asexuals and pansexuals face–not to mention they made disparaging claims that asexuality and pansexuality were made up by Tumblr and simply a trend. So while they may be posting cutesy photos (stolen from Tumblr with their logo slapped on them) in support of asexuality and pansexuality, they have never once posted anything about what asexuality is and isn’t (and pansexuality) to get fans of their page to really understand why asexuals and pansexuals need exposure. It’s damage control. And they don’t have ANYTHING on their website where people can buy stuff in support of these two sexualities.

Here is a little bit about FCKH8: is a for-profit T-shirt company with an activist heart and a passionate social change mission: arming thousands of people with pro-LGBT equality, anti-racism and anti-sexism T-shirts that act as “mini-billboards” for change.

Let me start by saying they are a FOR-profit company, meaning that the money primarily goes to the owners and less to the unestablished causes they supposedly donate to. (They never mention the charities in their FAQs page.) If they were considered non-profit, then that money would primarily be going to charity organizations. For example, FCKH8 recently started an anti-racism campaign to support protests going on in Ferguson. Their shirts and hoodies range from $2.00 to $15.00–and yet they are only donating $5.00. They talk about five anti-racism causes, but they don’t even specify what those causes are. So if someone buys a wristband, which is around $2.00, apparently no monies will be donated. They claimed to have raised $6,000 dollars from this cause so far, but because only $5.00 from each purchase is going toward the cause, they are actually profiting of a terrible tragedy. Apparently FCKH8 designates certain charities to receive their proceeds, but these charities never consented to receiving funds from them in the first place. Therefore, they don’t receive permission from charities to donate money, and as a result, these charities don’t accept these monies. Ironically, their profit margins for these shirts depend on racism still being upheld in America today–and other injustices that occur against the causes they supposedly support.

Charities are non-profit organizations. FCKH8 isn’t. There are businesses out there that depend on god-awful things to stay around so they can continue to remain in business. Get rid of all the hate, and FCKH8 goes out of business–unless they decide to change their practices. Am I being unfair? Not really. The It Gets Better Project is a FAR better alternative to spending your monies on. They are a non-profit corporation, so their monies do not go to shareholders like the monies of FCKH8’s company does. Colorlines is also a better alternative for combating racism.

Sure they’re making t-shirts and everything people can wear to show their support, but you’re better off buying from Etsy, where there are no false claims that the monies are being donated to anything.

For claiming to be anti-racist, they are being racist. A family lost their child, and FCKH8’s response is to create products (and push them!) so they can earn more money when they are FOR-PROFIT and can probably donate enough themselves without having to get people to buy more of their stuff? You can help the Ferguson tragedy in this way, though.

Even worse, FCKH8 has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau, of which they are not even a part of. Any legitimate FOR-PROFIT business would be registered with the BBB, and the BBB is a HUGE deal. I can tell you this from experience because the company I work for is registered under the BBB and has an A+ rating with them. My department, and everyone else, works tirelessly to ensure the company keeps this rating.

One of the biggest complaints has to do with delivery issues, meaning that people who ordered something from their website never received what they bought. So if people aren’t receiving their products, then their products cannot act as billboards to support the causes they mention on their website.

They also have 1.5 stars out of 105 reviews on SiteJabber. That doesn’t look good for a company that claims to be fighting injustice.

They also have some pretty god-awful memes that can be sexist, transphobic, homophobic, and ect., ect., ect., by playing off stereotypes from each group they claim to support. You can search around the Tumblr page to see what I’m talking about. They also primarily support just gays and lesbians, while not addressing all the other people who need just as much help as the above-mentioned groups. You can’t consider yourself an Ally if you support only one facet of the community and not all the others. And look at the meme below it. They misgendered a transgirl. Mistakes happen, but if you make multiple mistakes, then that is no longer a mistake. They’re also incredibly disrespectful toward religion, forgetting that LGBTQ+ people can be religious themselves. I’ll admit sometimes I get angry at religion, but then I also have to remember that, again, there are those in the community who are religious.

I wouldn’t support FCKH8 at all. I would unlike their FB page. I would never consider buying from them. Ever.