Blog Schedule

Blog Schedule

I am finally going to get on a true schedule from now on for my blogging. Here’s what you can expect:

Monday: picture quote from When Stars Die.

Tuesday: serious topic on an issue relating to my personal life.

Wednesday: three songs that have inspired me as an author.

Thursday: a writing-related piece, whether it’s my thoughts on writing or even a book I loved or disliked.

Friday: this one’s a strange one, but since I love fashion and make-up, I’ve decided to dedicate a day blogging about my favorite fashions and critiquing make-up I loved or didn’t love–it is a facet of me, after all.

Saturday: a poem.

Sunday: guest blog post.

So this is the weekly agenda from now on. Expect a post later today on three songs that have inspired me.

Also, since I am wanting to do a guest blog post every Sunday, if you are interested, please e-mail me. I want the post to relate to my blog somehow, so send me a short summary of what you’d like to write about. It will also be on a first come, first serve basis. E-mail me at

Thank you!




Weekly Book Giveaways

Weekly Book Giveaways

How does a weekly book giveaway sound to all of you? Good, right, because that’s exactly what I’m doing. Each week I will be giving away a young adult novel along the veins of When Stars Die and Stolentime. All of you might as well start following my blog now because that is going to be a consistent stipulation to get into these drawings. You might as well share this post too with others. Since I pick up about 10-13 followers per day, I figure it’s just best to do a weekly one where I draw every Sunday instead of waiting for me to hit a certain number of followers.

The books I’m giving away I’ve already read, so I’m not depriving myself of reading material. And my demo money (extra money I make at my job) will pretty much be going toward buying a book a week, so, no, this will not be squeezing me dry. I’m more than happy to do this especially because, hey, free book. Fun. Fun. Fun.

I will be drawing for Coraline this Sunday and will reveal the next book prize then.

Also, I really want to start doing more guest posts and would love for you guys to e-mail me any of your ideas at It can be about whatever you want, so long as it is helpful or relatable (I know these terms are vague, but use them to your discretion). If I have enough, I’d love to do a guest post a day, along with my regularly scheduled blog posts. You can also e-mail me if you want to collaborate on a book giveaway.