My Acceptance as Sand Hill Magazine’s Webmaster

My Acceptance as Sand Hill Magazine’s Webmaster

614b8ef35a0e9f3697d44563fb18024c About two weeks ago my university’s literary magazine put out a call for a new staff, and because my best friend had done it, I decided to apply for it on a whim–I am very much about doing things on a whim. Before, I never would have imagined joining Sand Hills because the previous advisor of the magazine only allowed creative writing majors, which I thought was stupid because it barred non-creative writing majors who wanted experience with a literary magazine from ever getting that experience. Not all of us who want to work in publishing or do some kind of publishing want to be creative writing majors.

In any case, I wanted to be a fiction editor because I love to edit, obviously, but I was awarded with the title of Webmaster instead. At first, I was incredibly confused because I probably have more editorial experience than the average creative writing major–or average student wanting to get involved in publishing in some way. Also, being a webmaster was my last choice. I’m simply assuming, really, that I have more experience than the average person who applied because I’ve had my own literary magazine for about three years. But I was also probably the only one who had some experience–or extensive experience–in creating websites and making them unique through some sort of logo, even if I’ve only ever done templates.

I get to create a new website though, which is exciting, and I don’t have to create one from scratch. I can just choose some template and go from there. I know I’m going to use Weebly because it has some great templates, and I already have one I’d like to use for the Sand Hill’s literary magazine. Even though I am a Webmaster, I still get to help with deciding which fiction pieces should be chosen, which is exciting in itself. I also still have to put together issue ten of The Corner Club Press. For that, I really just need to add in the bios and contents, go through and check for formatting errors, and send it off to Mariah to check for other errors, and it’ll be done. Then there is a paranormal issue that I want to put together in honor of When Stars Die. 

In other news…

This Thursday I am doing a cover reveal of AEC Stellar’s anthology that is coming out next month, featuring a short story done by me called “I Am the Bell Jar.” There will be other exciting stories two, two of which I had a part in editing. It involves two mentally ill teens and what happens to a relationship when both of them are unstable.

Also, don’t forget about the Rafflectoper giving away volumes 1-4 of Game of Thrones.

The cover art contest is still going on and will be ending on the 25th of this month. So hurry up and vote for your favorite cover art. You will be supporting that author.

And mark your calendars for October 22nd, because that is when When Stars Die will be coming out–first in paperback, which I hope you will buy because the entire cover wrap is gorgeous; next in e-book.

Game of Thrones Books Box Set Giveaway

Game of Thrones Books Box Set Giveaway

Isn't it beautiful?
Isn’t it beautiful?

In honor of When Stars Die, I am doing another giveaway. The paranormal book giveaway was a success, and the winner has already been chosen and notified via e-mail. This will be done via Rafflecopter, so just follow what the rafflecopter shows, and you will be entered! This will go on for 3 weeks. Currently the box set of GoT is very cheap, but that may change, so I want to make certain I have enough time to scrounge together some money for this–while also having extra padding.

Since WordPress cannot use Rafflecopter, you’ll simply have to click on the link.

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