Behind the Scenes With a Busy Writer

Behind the Scenes With a Busy Writer

I don't like to show rough drafts.
I don’t like to show rough drafts.

So I have been crazy busy as of late, most of that being with social media because blog posts and websites aren’t just going to sell themselves, unfortunately. I am just a few followers away from 200, and then I’ll start with some giveaways I’ve got planned. Nothing crazy, but just some cool trinkets and book gifta. Once I make more money at work I’ll probably get some gift cards.

What exactly have I been busy with? The author checklist to your right.

Screenshot (3)

I worked on it all day yesterday, and the only things I need to get done are the author headshot, character sheet, and elevator pitch. The headshot I have decided to do myself because I don’t want to spend a lot of money for an entire session when I don’t need one. It also doesn’t hurt that I have the skills and equipment to be able to do it myself. Unfortunately, my lovely ballet photo won’t cut it, but, hey, it’ll stay on my website because I am The Dancing Writer, and that won’t change.

Now that I’m wrapping up on my authorly things, I pretty much just have to wait for edits and have a phone call with my contract manager, which I am very excited about. For now, I am going to continue work on Stolentime and continue doing social media, as usual. I will also try to get some reading in.

Tomorrow, however, will be another social media day off for me. I’m going to spend that time writing, reading, hopefully doing a beta read, playing Luigi’s Mansion (it’s fun!), and possibly doing more writing. During this time, there will hopefully be a giveaway going on, in which I will start with the book giveaway first. I will give away two different books by two different authors.

In the meantime, I should stop procrastinating at my part-time job.