When Stars Die News

When Stars Die News

I have very, very unfortunate news about When Stars Die. I first want to preface that I am not sad about this news, because it’s not uncommon, even among the best presses out there. Yes, it is upsetting, but nothing can be done, so there is no point in me being sad about it, not when my publisher is likely just as upset about having to close AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. down. It was his dream, and sadly he had to put his dream to rest due to other obligations. He simply cannot keep up with the business anymore, so it doesn’t have anything to do with financial hardships or anything.

However, I am doing my best to be the most optimistic person I can be. I no longer wish to feel unnecessary pain or heartache, not when I know something can be done about it. Thus, When Stars Die WILL be finding a new home, and I know many of you will be cheering me on. I’m not sure when it will be re-released and by whom, but The Stars Trilogy will happen. It will not die. I’ve received all of my rights back, and I am just waiting for all distributors to pull the book down before beginning its journey for a new home. I have one press I’m certain will accept it, but I have two others I want to query it to, ones that accept previously published material, as it is hard to find presses that take books already published. Even so, it was just the first book in a trilogy, so it isn’t as if the entire trilogy has been put out there yet.

This is just a brand new adventure for When Stars Die, and I KNOW everything will work it. One door closes, and another opens, and hopefully that will be for that better. At least, that is what I believe.

When I lost my job at the Writing Center at GRU, I was devastated, but only because I was more concerned about my ballet money. Then once I found Southern Siding, I realized losing my job at the Writing Center was a blessing, as I am in love with Southern Siding, the job, and its people, and I have a promotion waiting for me once the mall hits a certain amount of money. This isn’t to say I treated AEC like the Writing Center. No. AEC has treated When Stars Die wonderfully, and that is indeed a blessing unto itself.

New opportunities await for When Stars Die. I can’t wait to see what those opportunities are. It is a fresh start for the trilogy. It is simply unfortunate that the news came out of nowhere, but understand that you take a risk when you submit to any publisher, no matter how long that press has been around.

Also, I want to dearly apologize to those who were expecting the sequel in 2015. I no longer have a release date for that. For all I know, the covers could be dramatically changed for both books, but for those of you who bought When Stars Die, you have the 1st edition!

I’m excited about the new journey When Stars Die will be traveling, and I hope all of you will be rooting for me along the way.