Say Hello to Neko!

Say Hello to Neko!

Here’s a story about my kitty!


This little beauty is my kitty named Neko, which is Japanese for cat, but, hey, my friend named her, and I kept the name out of respect for that friend. So what does this little girl have to do with my blog? Well, animals are great for your health. Having a little furbaby–or featherbaby, scalebaby, whatever–can be great for your mental health. Plus, many people adore cats and can’t get enough of cute cat pictures.

I adopted her from my friend, the one who named her, when her cat had kittens. I remember her as this tiny kitten dragging around a feather duster twice her size. My friend commented that it looked like she was carrying a ham around. To me, she just looked like a walking feather duster.

During this time, I was going through what my high school freshman mind perceived to be a bad break-up. I was…

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