Your 2015 holiday shopping list: books, books, and books!

Samuel Snoek-Brown

It’s been a great year for books, y’all. And now that the crunch is on for gift-giving season, I wanted to share some books published in the past year by friends of mine! There is a LOT to love here — poetry, prose, anthologies, even a few adult coloring books! So I’ve included some blurbs or endorsements so you know what you’re getting into, and I’ve sorted the whole list by something like genre, as well as a couple of sections for particularly prolific publishers I love.

Click the links to zip down to the kinds of books you’re looking for, or just scroll through and buy one or two of everything.

I’ve even included a few books scheduled for publication early next year — they’re on pre-order now, so get in early and snap those up, too!

Poetry  |  Anthologies & hybrid collections | Novels & collections  |  Memoir

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