6 thoughts on “Taking An Unwanted Writing Hiatus

  1. I know the feeling of burning out from the job you have that’s only meant to get you by, until you make it to the career you want. It’s an uncomfortable place. Keep at it though! You’ll be where you want to be in due time!

    1. I’m feeling much better now about my job now that I’ve got two days off a week and have been put somewhere else to work–but now I’m in danger of losing my job, as is everyone in my department! The stress with this job is never-ending. I just need it for at least one more month since I plan to take my certification test on November 20th.

      1. It’s not even layoffs. We just haven’t met our quota, so we have to go in and talk to him about what can be done, and if we still can’t meet it, we’re out. I’ll gladly take some blame because it’s hard to be enthusiastic when you’re burn out, but he can’t get rid of all of us, lol.

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