Editorial Services

Editorial Services

I’m offering my editorial services and currently will only have 3 slots open at a time as I finish each project. What I’ll initially do is offer a free edit for the first 5 pages so that way you can see what my editing style is like. My prices are also affordable because I don’t need to live off this money just yet. Here is some experience I have in the editorial/writing department:

  • Author of When Stars Die, published by AEC Stellar Publishing, being re-released by Gnome on Pig Productions
  • Have edited books for various clients, including Lauren Hammond, a former literary agent
  • Beta read for Georgia McBride’s editorial clients
  • Edited YALITCHAT’s website
  • Edited newsletter for YALITCHAT
  • Slush pile reader for The Oddville Press
  • Executive editor for Sorean: A Gothic Magazine
  • Founder of The Corner Club Press
  • Tutor for writing center at my previous university
  • Have had short stories and poems published

I offer three services: proofreading, copy editing, and substantive editing. Proofreading is where I simply look for little grammatical errors and typos. Copy editing is where I look at each sentence and determine the best way it can be written. Substantive editing is where I tear the book apart and look at plot, structure, character development, and so on and so forth. The substantive editing is my priciest service because it does take more time to complete than the other two services. My prices are listed below.

bird-writing-style-backgroundYou can e-mail me at thedancingwriter@gmail.com if you are interested! It’s first come, first serve, and I’ll give you an estimate on how long you may have to wait before I can get to your project. I try to complete a single project in two weeks.

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