Writing the perfect bio #writers #biography

Something I need to keep in mind.

Facing 50 with humour.

JokebioI was revamping my biography for the umpteenth time last week and happened to stumble across this post from Alexandra Franzen’s site. Her biography is nothing like the one I had been struggling with but it seemed quite a fun way to write one. This is what I came up with based on her suggestions:

Carol E. Wyer wants to live in a world where gummy bears do not rot your teeth and everyone laughs at least fifty times a day.
As a humorous writer and blogger, she’s been featured in and written for Womans’ Own, Yours, Choice, and Woman’s Weekly magazines, the Huffington Post and been interviewed on numerous BBC radio shows, NBC and Sky television and BBC Breakfast television.
When she’s not hiding in her garret writing books and articles, you can find her quaking in the wings, waiting to perfom her stand up show, Smile While You Still Have…

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