10 Things Best Sellers Do NOT Do

10 Things Best Sellers Do NOT Do

Wise words.

Amy Miles Books

Depositphotos_34766553_xsOver the past four years of being an indie author I have sat back and made a few observations about the publishing landscape. Many things have changed or evolved along the way. What was once taboo has become wildly accepted and praised by many. Dreams once thought to be unattainable are being reached on a daily basis. People with a voice are being heard. Careers are being forged. Lives are changed.

But along the way I started seeing a trend among those indie authors who stood out among the crowd. Although there were many things that I could add to my list of 10 things best sellers do NOT do, these are the most prevalent.

  1. Best sellers do NOT rush a release. To be successful it takes time, planning and sometimes a huge dose of luck. You can not finish a book, edit it and hit publish the very next…

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