Kids Need a Voice in Publishing

Kids Need a Voice in Publishing

Great food for thought on how adults are the ones to decide what children should read based on what publishers think they want.

Unsuccessful Attempts at Brain Silence

I’ve been reading a lot about writing and publishing these days. I notice there are a lot of writers out there drowning in self-doubt and frustration and the common element I notice with these authors is what is generally known as the “publishing world”. Yes, we have all tried to understand and hopefully weasel our way into the “publishing world”. Most of us want our books published and we would rather get the marketing backup supplied by the “traditional” publishing methods. However, lately I wonder just how much “better” said method really is.

I started with the traditional method and eventually went the self-published route. I wrote, queried, got rejected, edited, re-queried, got rejected again, edited some more, got frustrated, almost drowned in the self-doubt and eventually churned my way out of the bucket of cream.

My book was not ready for publication back when I was querying and I…

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