Inspirational Music Wednesday

Inspirational Music Wednesday

I know a lot of this music is personal to me, but I post this because I want to encourage writers to listen to music more often. It’s an incredible source of inspiration that can create entire stories from a single song alone. I’ve never created playlists for my novels, but for a lot of writers, this is a fun thing to do, so I encourage this.

As for readers, you guys love to create playlists for yourself. Plus, listening to certain types of music can really put you in the zone for what you’re reading. So here are three more songs that have inspired me:

Some listeners of this song admit there is sexism toward men in it. After all, she says she wants to destroy 49% of the population, which is men. She also says you can still fight like a girl, even if you’re only a boy. More females listen to her music than males, so they have an entirely different interpretation that isn’t sexist.

There is an unsettling cliche that insults women, and that is “You fight like a girl!” So Emilie Autumn is turning the tables on men to make them feel uncomfortable, just as women feel extraordinarily uncomfortable when they hear that phrase. She wants to use “fight like a girl” as an empowering phrase. After all, women can fight just as strongly as men. Our society is trying to evolve past this, and there are plenty of men wishing to eradicate stereotypes like this. For this, I love you. I love men who don’t understand as well, who would find offense to this song. Their feelings are valid, and we should do our best to understand why they feel the way they do when they listen to this song. They should also be willing to listen to our interpretations as well. I think this will allow us to walk across the bridge that currently separates us. Oftentimes discomfort is the best way to start a conversation. I believe gentleness is the best way to do that. If gentleness doesn’t work, then tough, knuckle-cracking love needs to be employed without insulting men.

Emilie Autumn’s mention of destroying 49% of the population is a jab at the historical oppression of women, where it seemed like men wanted to destroy them. And the “only a boy” part is taking a jab about how society makes women feel. I believe this piece is meant to make men uncomfortable, then make them think. Listen to their feelings, because they may be right.

In any case, this song inspired a dark poetry chapbook drawn from the worst things in life that have ever happened to me thus far. I’m hoping that by completing this chapbook, I can come to turns with my trauma that throws me into situational depression and dangerous thoughts.

This is an incredibly depressing song, but I’m posting it because it inspired the old title for the sequel to When Stars Die. The book was previously named Witch Tourniquet for the longest time.

This piece, along with a cute AMV for an anime, inspired the the whole girl power thing I eventually want to add into the chapbook that will negate how I feel about men. I love men, they’re incredible, and I want to give a nod to that. During my darkest moments, however, they terrify me. I’m certain men who have survived sexual abuse by women sometimes feel the same way. But when I’m not in the throes of that, I admire how far gender equality has come. After all, this equality would not exist without the help of men. So men, you are INCREDIBLY important. Just be open to listening to a woman’s concerns about a feminine topic she relates to. I don’t consider myself a feminist for a variety of reasons, but I understand there are conversations that still need to be had.




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