Raise Awareness for Asexuality!

Raise Awareness for Asexuality!

Just decided to post this here before Pride Month ends. I hope you all will help!

So why do we need awareness?

  1. Many don’t understand asexuality. They conflate it with the biological definition of asexual.
  2. They think we are bizarre or broken or mentally ill or need therapy.
  3. We are dehumanized, stigmatized, and seen as frigid or robotic.
  4. We can face the same issues other orientations in the GSM (gender and sexual minorities) community experience: corrective rape, outgroup dislike (people who tend to dislike homosexuals also dislike bisexuals, pansexuals, and asexuals), and negative attitudes expressed by those unwilling to understand asexuality.
  5. Being a minority also can make us a target for disdain and prejudice (bullying, some have been denied housing, some have been denied adoption).
  6. Some asexuals have received death threats and are told they just need to be raped to fix this “problem” of asexuality.
  7. We’re seriously treated like lepers. In this (A)sexual documentary, when the asexual community decides to include themselves in the Pride Parade, even those within the community actually told the asexuals to stay away from them, as though our asexuality would turn them asexual, to0. Does this line of thought sound familiar for how some straight people treat homosexuals?
  8. When we try to talk about experiences unique to asexuals or unique to those in the GSM community, we are told they aren’t real or those problems were because of something else.
  9. We experience erasure in everything.

ace awareness

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