Guest Post by Amber Forbes, Author of WHEN STARS DIE

Guest post I wrote for Literature and Laura!

Literature & Laura

The simple idea for When Stars Die wasn’t influenced by any books at all, until I began to write it. I knew I wanted Amelia to be in a convent begging for her god’s forgiveness, as her younger brother is a witch–witches are the most hated things in her world. What Amelia doesn’t immediately know is that she is a witch as well, so I wanted to make it a sort of blasphemous thing that there are two witches in a church setting, one who wants to become a nun in the hopes of being forgiven, and one who doesn’t want to be there at all. I have Carolyn Meyer’sDuchessina: A Novel of Catherine de’Medici to thank for giving me a little bit of insight into how convents work. Of course, further research proved that each convent has its own unique standards, but I drew off Carolyn Meyer’s novel to…

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