Cover Art Contest

In honor of When Stars Die, my assistant, Mariah Wilson, and I have decided to put together this wonderful cover art contest. What you Stars will do is choose your favorite cover, and the author will win a promotional package that includes a mini book tour with author/book features, and a one hour Twitter interview on a chosen date that all three of us can make. So here are the book covers you have to choose from: 5590960


The cut-off date will be September 25th at midnight. Have fun!



Also known as The Dancing Writer, she is currently working on The Stars Trilogy, among other works.

17 thoughts on “Cover Art Contest

  1. I gotta say Midnight Riders by Pete Clark has a pretty cool cover. The book is pretty awesome too, almost as awesome as a crocodile with a shot gun…..almost

  2. I am voting for Ben Galley dead stars part 1. there is nothing more ominous or foreboding then a raven on a dead tree overlooking a hanged man, and it’s also a great series

  3. I like the cover for Vendetta by Elizabeth Tybush. It gives a real sense of mystery with strong, yet simple graphics…. Invites the reader in…..

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