When Stars Die ARCs

When Stars Die ARCs

The ARCs are ready! I am currently looking for more reviewers to do a review for When Stars Die (because, well, some e-mail addresses were wrong and some people never got back to me). You can e-mail me your address at thedancingwriter@gmail.com or leave it in the comments below. Once I have that e-mail, I will forward you the various electronic formats ASAP. There are only a limited number of print books going out for review, so I would prefer reviewers who would be able to do electronic (PDF, Kindle, ePub). 

6 thoughts on “When Stars Die ARCs

  1. That’s really cool! Congratulations! 😀 Are you looking for reviewers whose blogs are for reviewing books, or are you looking for anyone to review who has experience with it?

    1. I’m looking for anyone to review, really. If you’re not sure how to write a review, the e-mail does come with a link that leads to a page on my publisher’s website that will help you formulate the review.

      1. I’d certainly be interested in reviewing it, in that case. 🙂 My email is clmannarino (at) hotmail (dot) com

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