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Writing Words With the Tips of My Toes

Stuff I Think About as I’m Editing

  1. Man, I do use these words a lot.
  2. Why do I have to be so complicated? I just need to get to the point.
  3. Yeah, this is a really pretty phrase, but it’s either too wordy or I already have a similar metaphor.
  4. I LOVE metaphors! MORE METAPHORS!
  5. You know, when it’s pointed out, I automatically know what’s wrong, but I’m sure if I were just reading it, I’d probably skip over it.
  6. I use these words too much.
  8. I still don’t know what this means.
  9. Let’s just get rid of this.
  10. Narrator? Oh, crap!
  11. What am I talking about?
  12. This does read really awkward.
  13. TUMBLR!
  15. TWITTER!
  16. My editing cave is more like an amusement park.
  17. I want something to eat.
  18. I seriously hope I can edit this well for my next book.
  19. Why do I have to hate action scenes?
  20. Why are action scenes annoying to write?
  21. Oh, God. I’m coming upon an action scene.
  22. I’ll just re-write these last three chapters.
  23. I wonder if the literary greats have these problems.
  24. I hope I sell well.
  25. WHY?

3 comments on “Stuff I Think About as I’m Editing

  1. Mardra
    July 23, 2013


  2. Britton Shay
    July 25, 2013

    Ahaha! Absolutely. But instead of selling, I’m usually getting irritated that my cat is sitting on all my paperwork. lol

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