Stuff I Think About as I’m Editing

Stuff I Think About as I’m Editing

  1. Man, I do use these words a lot.
  2. Why do I have to be so complicated? I just need to get to the point.
  3. Yeah, this is a really pretty phrase, but it’s either too wordy or I already have a similar metaphor.
  4. I LOVE metaphors! MORE METAPHORS!
  5. You know, when it’s pointed out, I automatically know what’s wrong, but I’m sure if I were just reading it, I’d probably skip over it.
  6. I use these words too much.
  8. I still don’t know what this means.
  9. Let’s just get rid of this.
  10. Narrator? Oh, crap!
  11. What am I talking about?
  12. This does read really awkward.
  13. TUMBLR!
  15. TWITTER!
  16. My editing cave is more like an amusement park.
  17. I want something to eat.
  18. I seriously hope I can edit this well for my next book.
  19. Why do I have to hate action scenes?
  20. Why are action scenes annoying to write?
  21. Oh, God. I’m coming upon an action scene.
  22. I’ll just re-write these last three chapters.
  23. I wonder if the literary greats have these problems.
  24. I hope I sell well.
  25. WHY?

3 thoughts on “Stuff I Think About as I’m Editing

  1. Ahaha! Absolutely. But instead of selling, I’m usually getting irritated that my cat is sitting on all my paperwork. lol

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