Reading for writing

Reading for writing

An interesting read on the necessities of reading as a writer.


Book Worm

A lot of people ask and inquire how you become a good writer, they want tips tricks, formulas and ready-made stories. The truth is that’s the fast food of writing. You might learn some things but certain maxims will never get old, ones which cannot be rapidly learnt. Writing regularly is a must and nobody became solid in a short amount of time.

Reading is essential. And not just a little but a lot. Over a long period of time. I think there’s a reason a lot of writers don’t get books published until around their 30’s. The mind incubates all you learn and read and see – over two decades seems to be a good time period for all this to come together in some fashion. Of course I’m not saying writers haven’t written great material before this time in their lives.

I have returned to reading quite voraciously…

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