Stolentime, a Dark Fantasy Young Adult Novel

Stolentime, a Dark Fantasy Young Adult Novel

This is the title of the novel I will be getting back to next week. I’ve finally started revisions for Stolentime and have chapter one done! I’m hoping to get to chapter two today and the plan is to revise a chapter a day, possibly two, if I can manage. But I’m excited because, as I’ve said thousands of times before, I strongly prefer revisions over drafting any day. So here is a tiny snippet from the beginning of chapter one just to give you guys a taste of the atmosphere for this book:

Some nights I imagine a shadowy man standing by my bed with a knife drawn. This man, a faceless thing, will creep around me as I stare at him. In my mind, I tell him to kill me. Do it. Tear me apart. But he never does. He slips away into the shadows and disappears.

But tonight, my fractured mind makes him real.


There you go, just a little bit of what I’m working on!

So do you guys prefer drafting or revising? And why?


7 thoughts on “Stolentime, a Dark Fantasy Young Adult Novel

  1. I kind of love both. Drafting is like walking into Narnia for the first time, everything is new and wonderful (or frightening and bad LOL) and revising is like searching for treasure with an old friend. There’s things I love and hate about both.

  2. Drafting vs. revising… For me it varies. Some stories the drafts come in a fever of excitement. Other times I have an idea but it’s a long slog to get he draft down and the beauty of the idea is hidden till I start revising.

    I love the snippet. Wonderful stuff. I look forward to reading more!

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