Epically Awesome Award

Epically Awesome Award

I have won a lot of awards since this one and haven’t had time to give them out, but I’m giving out this one just because it comes with a fun stipulation, and that is to give out ten awesome facts about yourself. Plus, I vowed the next award I got I would spend time giving out to three awesome blogs. So here goes! On with the ten epic facts.

1. I’ve been doing ballet for only two years but have moved up six levels and am an intermediate pointe student after only one year en pointe.

2. I started When Stars Die was I was fifteen.

3. I was very close to winning the county spelling bee as a kid. I got runner-up.

4. I wrote for my local newspaper’s teen section when I was a senior in high school.

5. I was the president of my uni’s creative writing club, until politics got in the way, then the club became an epic failure.

6. I started a literary magazine with my best friend, and it still runs today: The Corner Club Press.

7. I have a literary agent signed up to read one of the ARCs of When Stars Die–but only because I know her.

8. I lived in Italy when I was about two. I still have some memories of living there.

9. I’ve been to Amish places in Pennsylvania.

10. I sent out over 40 job resumes last summer and only heard back from two places–the epic failure of the job market!

Erickeys: A fantastic blogger not only because of his posts but because of his desire to communicate with the people who follow him. He wants to get to know each and every person that follows him, and that is what makes him most epic.

Keep Calm and Write On: Not only does her blog sport a gorgeous layout, but she has a variety of posts around her blog for creative writes, ranging from tips to her writing to encouragement.

Diannaswritingden: She, too, sports a fantastic layout, and not only that, but she also reviews books on her blog! She’s also a social media specialist and knows pretty darn well what she’s doing.

Congratulations everyone!

7 thoughts on “Epically Awesome Award

  1. Thanks! I’ve been working on my list. For someone as self-involved as me, you’d think coming up with ten awesome facts would be easy, but it isn’t…

    By the way, your list is indeed full of awesomness! The local newspaper, Italy and the Amish!

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