Why Amazon

Why Amazon

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I had a reader ask me why the Amazon…


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This article by Shiloh Walker pretty much explains why I press for Amazon reviews in regards to the people I seek out to do potential reviews for my ARC. Have you ever noticed that high star reviews often show up in your book feed? As in, the feed that says if you like this, you’ll like this? That’s where I want my book to be when people look up books similar to it.

Blog reviews are great. Fantastic. They can help loads, if they are high traffic blogs. But having five reviews on Amazon isn’t going to get me as much attention as having 50 reviews on Amazon, especially high-rated reviews–and I’m not begging for high reviews. I’m simply trying to point out the importance of doing reviews on Amazon and not just blogs. You also get deals to receive even more attention. They are a big deal, and I wish people wouldn’t shy away from doing reviews on Amazon. I did a review for Shannon Thompson’s book on here and copied and pasted that same review on Amazon because I know that the star rating matters and can get her more exposure.

Don’t shy away from Amazon. Those reviews matter, especially if your blog doesn’t receive a whole lot of traffic. If your blog receives like 20 views a day and only 5 are unique, that isn’t going to help me much. I will appreciate you to death for choosing to do the review, but I also have this expectation that it will be put on Amazon, where it will likely receive more traffic. Your review on Amazon can help someone’s decision to buy the book. In fact, my review on Amazon for Shannon’s book helped someone decide whether or not they wanted to buy it, and Amazon will let you know. And I felt pretty awesome knowing my review did that for someone.

Plus, I am making an entirely separate list for people who do just reviews on their blogs, and these are generally high traffic blogs. Now this isn’t me talking about people who buy my books. They are under no obligation to rate. This is me talking about all those who will be receiving an ARC. I would love reviews on both Amazon and blogs, really. I would appreciate them to death.




7 thoughts on “Why Amazon

  1. I find that reviews are few and far between. All 5 of my books sell very well over at Amazon but getting people to leave reviews is very difficult 🙂 Keep up the great work.

  2. This is why when I review, I post to my blog, facebook, twitter, goodreads, and Amazon 🙂 it not only helps me get more traffic, but it makes sure that readers find the books I’ve reviewed. There’s no downside, and it takes maybe 10 minutes to copy and paste.

      1. Maybe laziness? Sometimes Amazon gets on my nerves when it comes to posting reviews, so I can sort of understand. Unlike most of the other places I post, Amazon reviews have to be filtered. you can’t mention if an author sent you a book for a review because it’s considered a “bribe” as far as amazon is concerned.. you can’t comment on the author themself, your blog, or any other related book.. otherwise amazon says “nope! we can’t post that for you.” I end up having to edit my reviews before I post them. To some people, that’s a little too much work than they’re willing to deal with.

      2. A bribe? Are you kidding me? I had no idea. But I don’t want any reviews mentioning in the first place if it was a free book or not. That just looks bad period. But I guess I can understand why some people want to stick to just their blogs because you can compare one book to another, which can better foster sales as far as I’m concerned.

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