Reviews, Sister Evelyn, and Giveaway Reminder!

Reviews, Sister Evelyn, and Giveaway Reminder!

Unedited draft of Sister Evelyn.
Unedited draft of Sister Evelyn.

I am very pleased to announce that I have all the reviewers necessary for When Stars Die. The number came out to 52 reviewers (a few mix-ups, so I had to squeeze the remaining two in), and I am so happy how quickly I was able to go through and do this. It means the world to me to know there are people interested in reading my book, and whether or not they love it or hate it matters not to me. The point is, all you guys want to give me and my book a chance, and that’s all that matters. I’m just going to let you guys know edits haven’t even been started yet, but you’re on the list, and you’ll stay on that list for when the time comes for those ARCs to go out. And I’ll probably remind you a few time on here, Twitter, and Tumblr, oh, and Facebook, so you don’t find yourselves surprised when you get an e-mail about a galley.

In other news, I mentioned two or three posts back that I was starting an installation piece to give you a taste of what you’ll find in When Stars Die. It isn’t exactly a reflection of WSD because the character doesn’t exist in WSD and her struggles are very different from Amelia’s and, of course, zero romance. There might be four or five parts, and I already have part one drafted. I will revise tomorrow and hopefully post next week.

It is called Sister Evelyn and revolves around, well, Sister Evelyn who must endure being a witch in a city of religious zealots who worship witch hating. So this installation will give you insight into the workings of Cathedral Reims, how intense hatred for witches is, and what it’s like to vie for a position in the Professed Order when you really don’t want to be in a convent in the first place. So, very different from When Stars Die, but does share its dark tone.

Also, please do not forget about The Looking Glass Wars book giveaway. That will be going on until Saturday 9 PM!

I am also thinking about doing some vlogging so you guys can really get to know me. What things would you be interested in me vlogging about? Remember this is a visual experience, so if you want to see something, like my writer’s bag, my cat, or whatever, let me know (G-Rated please).

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