Feeling Left Behind: Graduation Story or Lack Thereof

Feeling Left Behind: Graduation Story or Lack Thereof

I am an entire year behind in college. I should be a senior, but I’m still a junior on the cusp of being a senior. I had to drop all of my classes last semester due to being so unstable because of bipolar disorder. I couldn’t handle the stress, the thought of having to play catch-up after my first hospitalization was nauseating, and the med they put me on during my first visit made me evermore unknowingly unstable. So I had to drop all of my classes. Luckily I no longer need two of them.

My second hospitalization confirmed that I shouldn’t take any classes next semester either because I needed to use that time to find med stability. So having to drop last semester and not even doing this semester has put me an entire year behind so that way I may be graduating in 2015 instead of late 2013.

Most of the friends I came into university with graduated today. I’m going to admit I feel left behind. They’re moving on, hopefully finding swanky careers with their polished diplomas, and here I am just trying to register for the fall semester because the education program doesn’t do PIN numbers and I have to wait until late registration to get anything done. It sucks, I’ll totally admit that. I wish I could join them, celebrate with them, be happy about my graduation and being able to hold on to the hope that the future is endless for me.

But nope. Bipolar did a lot of damage and I’ll probably have to end up making new friends come fall semester. Well, school friends, anyway. It’s no fun being a loner on campus, not that I’m much of one anyway. It’s frustrating, too, because part of me wonders if I could have held on. I probably could have, but then my GPA would have suffered, further damaging my already low self-esteem at the time. And being depressed and being expected to stay on top of things is really, really difficult, especially when all you think about is sleep and not wanting to be awake because everything just hurts and you don’t know why and would rather not deal with the ‘why.’

I could choose to be bitter about what bipolar did, what depression did, but looking at what I was able to accomplish makes me realize I may not have been able to accomplish anything had I been in school. I got to do a ballet recital, and that means so much to me, especially because it was a dream come true. I was dying for the chance to finally be able to show my parents and my fiancé what I’d been doing in class. Then I got a contract for my book, When Stars Die, because I finally took a risk. Who knows if I would have taken that risk in school. Who knows if I would have even been thinking about When Stars Die while in school.

So while everyone is celebrating graduation, I am doing pre-release book marketing, solidifying my platform, writing another book, and instead of holding a graduation party, I will be holding a book release party. I would say two dreams come true beats graduation any day.

9 thoughts on “Feeling Left Behind: Graduation Story or Lack Thereof

  1. You are young and, though all this seems insurmountable at the moment, one day it will be unimportant. Everything that happens can be used to your advantage (thought it may not seem like that now). Friends come and go – only the very best stay with you and sometimes you lose contact with them for a while. Just do what you can (like you are doing) and wait for the better times. They will come.

    1. You are certainly right about this. I’ll just have to see what the future has in store for me and not worry so much about it because who knows what else awesome could happen?

  2. thank you for finding me and liking my post so that I could come here and discover your work. Kudos to your lovely blog design, very ethereal….

    I really connected with your story here. “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. ” – John Lennon. This quote is so very true, I applaud your naked honesty and plan to spend more time here.

    peace, litebeing

  3. Thanks for sharing your story. Good things will follow when you follow your dreams. Graduation and education are a bit overrated anyways. You’re way ahead of me with that book contract, so keep it up. 😉

  4. I can relate. It took me seven years to get through a four-year degree program because I had to take only two or three classes and was bouncing in and out of the mental hospital. The important thing isn’t how long it takes you to get the degree, but that you’re still trying.

    1. Yay! Someone I can connect with who understands. I’m still having issues accepting my limitations, but luckily I have not been hospitalized lately.

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