The Dancing Writer’s Chamber

The Dancing Writer’s Chamber

My messy writing desk...and my cat.
My messy writing desk…and my cat.

I primarily write at this messy desk you see to the left. But I’ll on occasion write in my bed when my body isn’t feeling up to supporting itself on a chair. Every Saturday I’ll probably be writing at Panera Bread, and I’d like to start writing outside when the weather permits. But mostly, that disorganized desk is where I do everything.

I’ve never been an organized person. I try to be, but it all falls apart. But, hey, my messiness has worked for 22 years of my life. I am an organized mess.

So where I write isn’t anything special. I might even write at work sometimes, if lulls permit.

How long do I tend to write? I try to write a chapter a day, so this could be anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half, or shorter, depending on the chapter. If I’m really in the mood and I don’t have anything else planned, I’ll do more than one chapter. The most I’ve ever written in a day–besides being manic–was 8,000, and I was on a serious roll.

Tomorrow I plan to write in Stolentime, one chapter, because I have so much stuff to do tomorrow: get my pin number to register for classes at my uni, start designing a t-shirt I will use to promote my book, blog, social media to keep widening my audience, make stuff for the giveaway, and then of course ballet. I wouldn’t be The Dancing Writer without ballet, although I am going to have to start getting on to my boss about giving me my Monday nights. Ah, well, the summer intensive will be here soon, and I will be having that considering I’ll likely be paying for the entire thing ahead of time.

In any case, where do you all tend to write? How long do you write? Do you have word count goals?

3 thoughts on “The Dancing Writer’s Chamber

  1. 8,000 words in a day is really impressive. I’ve never kept track of my word count. I usually pay attention to pages and chapter sections. I write at the dining room table because my wife stole my desk for scrapbooking. I try to write all day or at least until my son comes home at 3 to drive me up the wall.

  2. I write in my apartment. It’s the quietest and most comfortable place for me to write. If there was a coffee shop nearby, I’d be writing there also. The weather’s warming up so sometimes I write on the back patio.

    I rarely make word count goals, I just write until I can’t write anymore. That’s working out well.

  3. I don’t set word count goals, because then I obsess over them, and if I fall short I obsess even more. I do most of my writing after my kids are in bed and in the morning if I’m up first or if they are quietly watching cartoons, then I can get a few more words down. I write until I have to stop, either because of children, or want of sleep or simply because I feel done for the night.

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