What Would You Like to See On This Blog?

What Would You Like to See On This Blog?

CheshireCat2 Now that I’m back from a social media break, I really am curious about what you guys would be interested in seeing more of on this blog. We all blog for a reason, and we all read blog posts for a reason, and I would just love to know what you guys seriously want to see.

Here is some of what I have planned:

Book reviews
Guest posts
Posts about my book

I would love if you guys could add to the list, or give me some ideas for the things I already have listed. Would you guys like me to start doing videos? I have no idea what videos I could do, but I’d be willing to try. Would you guys like to see tips? You know, stuff like that.

It’s not easy blogging every day because one’s treasure chest of ideas must be limitless. Once my contract manager and I start diving into When Stars Die, I may not even be able to blog every day, but for now, I’d love to build up the content of my website for you to enjoy. In any case, I look forward to your suggestions in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “What Would You Like to See On This Blog?

  1. Book reviews are always good; ditto giveaways. Concerning your book, there’s quite a few directions you could go down. I for one would love to hear the planning process behind it, as well as your thoughts on individual characters within the book.

    I’d also be keen to hear any writing advice that you may have, though I’m aware from your “blogging tips” post that you’re not overly fond of the idea.

      1. Method avoid writer’s block would certainly be good to read. I’d also love to see you think makes a good scene, when and where you write…stuff like that, really :).

        And I’m going to second AlmostWritten: ways to keep insecurities in check are always helpful.

  2. I would appreciate any insights on the writing process you can give. How do you avoid procrastination? How much time do you spend writing? How do you oppose your main character? How long do you ponder about opening lines for each chapter? How do you keep insecurities in check?
    I would also love to read small pieces of your writing. Nothing too long, just a couple of well defined paragraphs. A setting descripting for example. A piece of dialogue.
    And yes, I also loooooove writing tips. If they’re practical and useful of course.

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