All Writers Must Rest

All Writers Must Rest

I definitely do this for my cat.

Tomorrow I’m taking a break from blogging and social media in general. I’ll probably write an epilogue for When Stars Die, but that is as work-y as things will get. I’m also going to finish a gothic-ish design of When Stars Die’s MC Amelia that I’d love to have on a shirt. The drawing itself sucks, but the paint will totally make it come alive. I’m also hoping to receive a certain item that I can use for a new, better cover design for When Stars Die.

So I’m not exactly taking a break, but I do need one from social media because it can be hectic and trying. Plus, I have 80 followers, so I’ve earned a rest from it. In any case, any kind of art is therapeutic for me and not really work like social media is.

All of us as writers need to rest once in a while and get away from things that start to feel like work to us. Social media is one such thing for me. I don’t want to burn out on it, so I’m disconnecting myself entirely tomorrow. Instead of doing social media during lulls at my job, I’ll be reading or writing. I need to finish a certain book anyway so I can do a review of it and put it here.

Burnout in our line of work is common. Burnout happened to me last summer. It wasn’t just the depression that made me not want to write–it was total burnout. I obsessively write and edit for a long period of time, then go for half a year not doing any kind of writing because I’m so drained from it. My dad is always warning me even our passions can drain us, and he has never lied to me. He’s too right.

Now that I have a contract, it is crucial I don’t experience burnout, so I’m going to allow myself rest. It’s even more imperative considering I’m dealing with fibromyalgia and just got over a bipolar depressive episode. I’m doing my best to learn to not obsess over things. My therapist is helping me too through weekly goals. Not obsessing is one of them. I do find myself obsessing with stats on my website, so I’m pulling myself away and am going to try to train my brain not to worry about stats and just blog and read others’ blogs when I come back Saturday.

I used to be so fast with my life, so set on the future and reaching my goals as fast as possible. If I have learned anything from fibro and depression is that it is okay to slow life down and save the future for another time. So I am slowing down, breathing in, breathing out, and am going to relax with some art tomorrow with no worries about social media: e-mails, my website, blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, ect. We all know social media is important, but we all know how draining and trying it can be.

Slow down. Take a break when you feel your nerves becoming frazzled. It’s okay. We’re human and we’re not meant to go, go, go! I’ll see you all Saturday!

5 thoughts on “All Writers Must Rest

  1. Taking a break and remembering to listen to our bodies is important… I think as artists, often we get so caught up in the things that pull us ever forward that we forget about that! We forget to take a bit of time that is just for us, too busy saying… as soon as I finish…

    Have a wonderful “rest” day and enjoy your art! I think that being creative is one of the best things I could ever do with my time. Prolly why for me, my blog is actually relaxing! It is my way of unwinding and sharing just a glimpse of how I see the world.

    1. For me it’s “10 more followers!” My book has a possible late summer release, so I’m obsessively trying to build an audience. But I’m listening to my mind when it tells me enough is enough. I’m looking forward tomorrow–after my job, anyway. But at least at my job I can read, assuming it won’t be too busy. Thanks for the comment!

      1. **grins** and for me, I just am surprised when I find I have followers. Of course, like I told my mom today, huh, maybe I “can” make something of this writing dream of mine. If people like what I have to say, and want to read it, maybe they would enjoy my stories as well.
        Oh reading at your job is always great… I work at a bookstore from time to time and just LOVE it there! It is one of my favorite places. There is a certain comfort in alphabetizing books, and being surrounded by them. I enjoy talking to the people who come in about their favorites, and adding more to my ever growing reading list!
        Something that helps me with that whole obsessing thing… I just keep reminding myself that I write for me! No it doesn’t always work… but when it tries to overwhelm me, I turn it into a mantra **grins**

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