Why I Changed My Mind About Self-Publishing

Why I Changed My Mind About Self-Publishing

When Stars Die
When Stars Die

I didn’t necessarily change my mind because submitting to AEC Stellar was a on a whim. I just liked that I had this prepared blurb for them and I was just thinking, “What the heck. I should start taking changes in my life instead of just waiting around for stuff to fall into my lap.” I also liked that they stated they wanted at least a first draft done (When Stars Die is on its fifth)–but make no mistake, that first draft better be damn spiffy if you’re really going to submit one. A first draft doesn’t mean you’re allowed to submit crap. Go through and proofread, at least copy edit, if you don’t think it needs a total re-write.

I liked their model too because it meant I could still assume some control over my own book, but with a safety net. I still get to design my own cover. I already have one done, but I’m doing another–and I’m might do a third, depending on how this second one turns out. I love that the marketing plan doesn’t have to be my sole responsibility, but I get to be there for my book, just like a parent would go to a child’s soccer game or participate in PTO or something. My favorite part about this company too is that while it proposes tentative times to release a book, I don’t feel pressured to be a crazy book releasing fool. I chose self-publishing largely due to health issues, but now I don’t think that will be a hindering factor.

Actually, my most favorite part about AEC is that they almost seem to encourage a family-like atmosphere because we as writers on AEC are expected to support one another, and I think that’s great! We receive contract managers who specialize in our genre, and other authors in that genre can support one another. Writers need all the support we can get, right? Marketing is crazy. My job as a Marketing Trainee has actually taught me a lot about marketing: it can be both fun and messy.

I still have no qualms about self-publishing. It’s just nice to have a safety net–and ultimately I won’t have to worry about keeping track of sales and all that.

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