Stellar News

Stellar News

I will send her after you.

I have fantastic, super amazing news, Stars. But…I’m not unveiling this news right now. All I can promise you is it is super, awesome, fantasticness of fantastic news. It’s epic. At least, to me it is. When I get 50 followers on this blog, I will unveil. Right now I’m at 33. I’d probably be at more, but I didn’t start actually tagging until a  few days ago. I know. I had the dumbz then. Turns out it is not easy trying to get attention on Twitter, even if you do have lots of followers.

In any case, in order to get this news, you need to share the crap out of the stuff I post. I’m going to start putting my published works on my blog (since they’re mine now again anyway), and I’m thinking of continuing one of them on this blog. Also, expect more guest posts and possible interviews in the future.

I am peeing my tutu right now.

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