Writing on the Job

Writing on the Job

So I’m a marketing trainee for a big siding company called Southern Siding. My job is to set appointments with homeowners interested in renovations because I get commission. I’m telling you right now getting sells is not easy. I might get one every month. I might get none at all. But I’m doing my best to improve my drop rate (the amount of appointments that don’t even get confirmed or get a demo for) so I can make more money without taking on more hours. So I mostly depend on my minimum wage.

In any case, it wasn’t a busy day, as you can see in this selfie of me.


When days aren’t so busy, I like to read on my Surface during work. In this case, I was plotting my new novel, which I’ll reveal Friday. This isn’t uncommon for me, to write on the job. I still do my work, but when there is a lull in traffic, I’ll write, until I can find someone to call over to register for the FIAT. But it keeps me from feeling lonely, until someone else comes on with me. Loneliness and depression aren’t a good mix. Oh, and irritability. Irritability is hard to work with, but plotting this novel keeps it at bay so when I do call people over, I make sure to, as the clichĂ© goes, “love the one you’re with” instead of wishing them luck and wanting them gone.

Also, I’m making a stab at dressing in my favorite cute Loli-type style because, for one thing, it attracts more people so I don’t have to push as hard and use what little energy I have, and it helps me build my confidence, which depression tends to kill from time to time. Building this confidence is really important because as a writer, I’m going to need it, especially for all this marketing stuff. It’s more work than the dang book itself.

But, well, it’s nice to be back in the writing community and nice to be putting myself back together in spite of not always feeling that great.

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