The Corner Club Press Free Advertising

The Corner Club Press Free Advertising

I am offering free advertising for those who wish to have their books aired in future issues of The Corner Club Press. Marketing is a pain. I myself am doing crazy research on marketing so I can throw together a plan for my novel When Stars Die. So I’m willing to help writers out with advertising, especially because The Corner Club Press does receive a good amount of viewers.

The only stipulation to this is there is a limited amount of space in every issue, so this is a first come, first serve type of deal. I will accept seven ads for every issue, and they must meet the following criteria or else I’m not accepting:

High-res photo of cover art
Author first and last name (or penname)
Description of book
Where book can be found
Author website (because, hey, this can connect readers to your other books and you should have a website in the first place)

I may also put ads around the website, if they don’t clutter the website. I’d also like to do a book trailer of the month on the home page, if you happen to have a book trailer. So, submit all your ad information to

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