Being Kinder to Yourself

Being Kinder to Yourself

I’m going to make my own necklaces now. Well, really, all I’m doing is using one chain and just switching out the charms. All I did was put on 9 MM Round Jump Rings so that way all charms are compatible with the necklace. Here are the charms and what they look like:


Because I met all the goals for this week, I decided to go out and buy three charms for this necklace because I saw them at Hobby Lobby and had been thinking about them since. I met my goals in spite of being depressed, in spite of being low in energy, and in spite of wanting to sleep (even though it’s impossible without meds). These charms were my treats to myself.

I’m learning how to be kinder to myself, to accept my new limitations, to enjoy the moment as it is and put off the future when it doesn’t need to be thought of. We all need to be kinder to ourselves–not just those of us with chronic illnesses–and reward ourselves when we do something that makes us proud–especially as writers. We tend to get so locked in our word count goals that we forget just writing should be enough. After all, life gets in the way, our moods get in the way, conditions get in the way. If we can’t meet our goals, we shouldn’t chastise ourselves for not doing so. Tomorrow is always another day. It’s good to have to goals. It’s great, but sometimes you just need to slow down and appreciate that you’re doing it at all.

So be kind to yourself, reward yourself, and take pride in the simple things and just enjoy the moment.

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