The Corner Club Press Issue 8!

The Corner Club Press Issue 8!


After five months of hiatus, I’ve finally released issue 8. The Corner Club Press started out with just three people on board and gradually expanded to five, then it condensed back down to two, and soon I was the only one left. I knew The Corner Club Press wasn’t going to sink because it’s easy to find people willing to read submissions and vet them. Putting together the issue is not that difficult, especially if there is already a template in place, so that was all I needed was just someone to vet them.

I think it’s pretty great that no matter the state the magazine is in, people still want to be in it, even though it doesn’t pay anymore. So people’s desire to be in it was part of the reason I suddenly decided to throw myself at issue 8. Another reason is that I’ve been away from the literary community so long that starting over is a pain. So what better way to jump back into it than releasing issue 8? The Corner Club Press is already an established literary magazine that didn’t need to start over and it’s a pretty strong platform to me. But I also love to read stories and to give people a chance to showcase their writing. As writers, we are hopefully in it for the readers. A little of the money, but mostly the readers.

So here is the link to issue 8:

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