Pesky Cover Art

Pesky Cover Art

COVER ART IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT FOR A BOOK! I don’t care what anyone tells you about not judging a book by its cover. People do judge, and especially moreso in the digital age because in the amazon bookstore, the cover art is the first thing they see. If it is boring or horrible, chances are that book may not be clicked on.

Today I finished designing my cover art. After buying the supplies yesterday, I took the picture today and completed the design on the computer. I am into photography, but today I realized the photography of cover art for a book must be treated differently from just a photograph meant to stand on its own.

For one thing, when I was taking the picture, I knew the frame couldn’t be as crowded as I originally planned it because I needed room for both my title and my name. When just taking normal photographs or whatever, I don’t even have to have that in mind. I also needed to create a background for my subject. Thus, I took my acrylic paints and set about creating the background, which didn’t take much fuss considering I didn’t need a detailed background.

When I got to the computer, I knew that however I chose to edit it, I needed to edit it keeping the theme of my novel in mind. When Stars Die is a dark paranormal romance, but there are shards of hope littered throughout, so whatever effect I chose, I wanted it to mimic that. The font for my novel title and name also needed to mimic that.

I learned quite a few things about cover designing in my book production class I took last spring at my university. For one, the picture itself needs to accurately represent a book. Inaccurate representation is a common mistake I find in both traditional and self-published books. Also, elements on that page need to be carefully considered. Where do you want your title, your name? What do you want your font to be? Do you want your picture to have a border, or is there enough that the picture can support itself? What about the colors? Vibrant or subdued? There are a million things that need to be considered when doing cover designs. And please design multiple covers, as there are photo editing programs online that offer myriads of ways you could go about doing it, and you will discover you like multiple ones (which is when bringing in others to help you choose comes in).

So those are just a few tidbits from me. Now I will leave you with my favorite cover art of all time. Muse among yourselves about what you think the art does right and what it may do wrong.


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